Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the Second Coming?

In this sermon "Are You Ready?" we will explore what we really need to be ready for.    Most people think that the coming as a "thief in the night" refers to after all the great earthquakes, calamities.  But as we explore the Bible and the story of the wise and foolish virgins.   We learn that it's not as much that we don't know when the "second coming is" but when do we need to be ready by.   We need to be ready before any of these earthquakes, calamities, etc.

Enjoy the story of a bird that saved over 200 men that were trapped in WWI.     A carrier pigeon that practically gave it's life to deliver a very important message....


Right leg hanging by a  tendon
Shot in the chest
Blind in one eye
Completely covered in blood.

But the bird still carried it's message home.

We also explore and have fun with experiments of what true oil is and to know if you have your lamp filled with true oil or not.     During the sermon I have a hands on experiment that I pass around church, and showed how it was not all that easy to tell true oil apart from other liquids that looked like oil but were not.

I hope, and pray you will enjoy this sermon.   That it may help you with your walk with Christ. 


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